HP unveils Sprout Pro G2 with 3D Scanning Capabilities

HP unveils Sprout Pro G2 with 3D Scanning Capabilities
By Hanna Watkin

At CES, HP unveiled the “Sprout Pro G2”. The Windows-10-PC offers upgraded 3D scanning capabilities making it perfect for professional makers.

At CES 2017 in Las Vegas, HP unveiled the second generation of their Sprout brand. Brad Short, a technologist at HP and creator of the original Sprout, was on hand to showcase the capabilities of the computer.

Notably, Short demonstrated how 2D and 3D scanning software can be used to scan images into the computer as 3D objects. The 3D object data can then be modified with the computer’s 24″-touchscreen and 21″-“Touch Mat” — a touchscreen that supports 20 simultaneous touch points to draw your digital projects with a stylus.

Once you’re happy with your design, you can print the scan using your own 3D printer.

Short said to Venture Beat: “This time, we are emphasizing third-party apps over our own apps, which are more like utilities. The types of scans we get are phenomenal. We could scan an object in five minutes.”

The computer uses an upgraded Orbit 3D-sensing camera as a 3D scanning device. Short also suggests using Sketchfab. He explains: “Things like 2D capture and 3D capture just work better.”

Check out UberGizmo’s video to see the Sprout G2 in use:

HP Sprout Pro G2 Features

The first HP Sprout computer was unveiled back in 2014. This had a built-in 3D projector and a touch mat. However, the changes of the G2 are immense. It uses a higher resolution projection, more powerful processing, advanced 3D scanning and a more accurate precision active pen for drawing compared to the previous model.

Also, the design is sleeker and taller; it also offers numerous hardware and software updates. The Sprout Pro G2 has a 2D and 3D scanner, as well as a projector, cameras and touch mat with a stylus for scanning and manipulating scanned objects.

You can also either use the built-in 3D scanner or a third-party 3D camera. But the Sprout Pro G2 offers a “Sprout Illuminator”. This includes a high-res FHD projector and downward facing camera. It works as both a 3D scanner and a display projector, adding to the sleek design.

If you’re working in the 3D printing field, this computer is definitely a Gizmo you should take a look at. However, HP is also hoping to target those working in education, manufacturing and even retail. Just keep in mind you’ll still need to buy your own 3D printer.

Interested in finding out more? Check out HP’s website. Availability and pricing for the computer is expected to be released in March 2017.

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