La Bandita: Hackrod and Siemens Partner to Develop Self-Designing Car

La Bandita: Hackrod and Siemens Partner to Develop Self-Designing Car
By Anne Freier

Hackrod is partnering with Siemens PLM Software to help accelerate the development of La Bandita, a self-designing speedster that will be produced with virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and 3D printing technology.

Self-driving cars are currently being explored and tested, and while recent news has shown a deadly side to the concept, we seem to be nearing a future where artificial intelligence will soon play the role of our chauffeur or taxi driver. However, innovative technologies are not only being used to automate how vehicles navigate the road, but also how they’re designed.

One company is already looking to the future where an automobile will be able to design itself. Hackrod, the start-up behind the idea, aims to create custom-made vehicles by combining 3D printing with virtual reality (VR) and AI. The company plans to build cars that are ‘self-designed’ using generative design-based algorithms.

To make this effort possible, Hackrod has partnered with the German automation giant Siemens to help drive the acceleration of this concept. The Siemens Digital Innovation Platform is teaming up with the startup to develop its first car: La Bandita.

Siemens will provide a range of PLM Software tools, including the NX software and the cloud-based software Solid Edge Portal. This will enable Hackrod to produce a test version of La Bandita more rapidly.

“Hackrod’s vision for automotive design is an exciting and unique use of our design and engineering software. [It] is completely in line with Siemens’ vision for the future of manufacturing. We look forward to seeing the ‘La Bandita’ speedster. it as proof of concept for this revolutionary design to production methodology,” said Bob Haubrock, the Senior Vice President, Product Engineering Software, at Siemens PLM Software.

Furthermore, the partnership will provide huge cost savings for Hackrod, while also expanding Siemens’ growing portfolio of niche project support.

La Bandita – AI, VR, and 3D Printing Take the Wheel

Through the partnership, Hackrod is developing a platform that will enable bespoke design. The automotive production technique will utilize VR as a design tool, IoT and machine learning to constantly improve engineering systems, and industrial 3D printing to produce optimized hardware from structural alloy.

Slade Gardner, CTO at Hackrod, said the partnership with Siemens builds on a shared vision for automobile design and engineering.

“Because the Hackrod vision includes rapid data collection for product design and iteration; and customized manufacturing of sophisticated mechatronic systems, Siemens’ hardware connectivity for Industrial IoT and multi-axis additive manufacturing are critical to success. The products of our partnership will illustrate the impact that an efficient and motivated team can have with access to world class digital design, engineering, visualization, manufacturing and inspection power.”

Hackrod claims that it would be easy for anyone to design their dream car with this technique.

For automotive enthusiasts intrigued by La Bandita, Hackrod is already offering a pre-order option for the car on its website. The company originally ran a crowdfunding campaign for the project with great success – tripling its original funding goals.

Source: Hackrod

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