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Magic the Gathering D20 Dice Holder

Magic the Gathering D20 Dice Holder
By logantsteiner

This was my very first attempt at making an icosahedron (D20), and I think I did a good job! I followed a video tutorial on Youtube for how to make the shape, then I immediately thought of turning it into a Magic the Gathering themed product (like many people have already on here). I added a little bit of a twist to mine by using Inkscape to help engrave the symbols into each face.

Here’s a link to the video I watched:

Also, please scale your models accordingly, and make sure to keep the same scale for each part. I will upload a picture of my final product once it prints out.

February 19, 2020 at 10:30PM
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ZEISS Lightsheet sample holder stub medium

ZEISS Lightsheet sample holder stub medium
By oselchow

ZEISS Lightsheet sample holder stub, medium length, to mount samples with a drop of glue and hang them in the sample chamber

February 19, 2020 at 10:25PM
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28mm scale Air Tank Holder

28mm scale Air Tank Holder
By ToySoldiersWarscapes

28mm Scale Air Tank Holders designed to hold empty Crossman or Moa 12g Co2 cartridges, as pictured. Fun little mobile terrain piece. There’s a touch of clearance so you can pre-paint the tanks and slide them in, but you’ll need a drop of glue. If you want a tight fit, reduce the design by 2%.

Use it in your games and Terrain, Have fun. Follow me on facebook This STL is designed to print without supports.
(Supports included in the STL if they are required)

If you use my designs for commercial purposes, I hope you make a ton of money. If you do, (or if you just feel like you’re getting value out of my designs) please donate something my way. I’ll use it to buy myself a can of monster and keep designing. Seriously, I’m poor and even a few bucks helps a TON. My Paypal is or click on my link!

Happy Gaming!

February 19, 2020 at 10:23PM
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Contact lenses case

Contact lenses case
By koretic

Remixed original for easier and faster printing with no supports.

If you plan to store these in PLA, in my experience, the best is to wash and keep some saline solution for a day before you put the contacts.

February 19, 2020 at 10:21PM
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35mm Concealed Hinge / Euro Hinge Spacer for 1/2″ Door

35mm Concealed Hinge / Euro Hinge Spacer for 1/2″ Door
By HauntedWorkshop

These spacers are for mounting 35mm Euro Hinges, aka Concealed Hinges on 1/2″ doors. Drill the cup hole 5/16″ deep.

February 19, 2020 at 10:17PM
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Stationary Mount for PlayStation Eye Camera

Stationary Mount for PlayStation Eye Camera
By jakabo27

This mount holds a PlayStation Eye webcam straight forward so that it doesn’t rotate, which is what we needed for my senior design project. The eye has many degrees of freedom which is nice but adds a lot of variability when using it for vision processing.

The mount is designed to screw into pieces of wood, but I included the Fusion 360 file for easy customization.

Bonus file: A screw-in mount that allows for full freedom of the camera.
Fun link to a model of the PlayStation Eye Camera:

February 19, 2020 at 10:15PM
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OpenForge 2.0 Dungeon Stone Large Curved Exterior Walls

OpenForge 2.0 Dungeon Stone Large Curved Exterior Walls
By devonjones

With exterior orthogonal walls for the large curved set, structurally, the set is now complete. You can create nearly any tile with walls inside and outside, using doors or windows, which should give you the ability to create nearly any structure that uses a 12 or 16 square diameter curved surface.

For instructions on how to get started with OpenForge, we have a set of tutorials. Want to sell OpenForge prints? Want to use OpenForge designs in your product, check out the license FAQ.

OpenForge is now a patron supported project. I use the resources that my patrons give me in order to get the resources to let me create more sophisticated tiles with a greater level of detail. Please, support me, and I’ll deliver an ongoing stream of awesome gaming terrain. You can find more about OpenForge and Masterwork Tools at our:

February 19, 2020 at 10:14PM
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38 / 357 Feeder Plate

38 / 357 Feeder Plate
By WardElder

This is a test of a feeder plate for 38 or 357 cases. I do not have these cases and have not tested this item. If you test it, let me know how it works.

February 19, 2020 at 10:13PM
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ZEISS Lightsheet Sample holder Large L-Shaped

ZEISS Lightsheet Sample holder Large L-Shaped
By oselchow

ZEISS Lightsheet Sample holder L-shaped

February 19, 2020 at 10:07PM
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Bird House with IP Camera

Bird House with IP Camera
By ssayer

Reasonably simple set up:

A: 1 Birdhouse Top
B: 1 Birdhouse Bottom (it has a 1-1/2″ hole for various birds). It also has a 1/4″ hole for a perch if you want a perch!
C: 1 Birdhouse Hole (1-1/8″ hole for Wrens) (Plug perch hole for a Wren house!)
D: 1 Birdhouse Plug (if you want to paint your birdhouse)

1 Camera with 64mm Outside Diameter (or make the hole in the top the correct size for whatever cam you have).
Either of these two cameras have a 64mm outside diameter, there are probably others, but I OWN these so I know they’re both the correct diameter body (tip, buy them ON SALE, they go on sale for a TON cheaper than “normal” price:

You may be able to find a wifi camera so that you don’t need to run Ethernet out to it (just power), but I have easy places to put mine and didn’t bother looking for wifi cams…

Things you need to do:

Print all the parts :p

Take the front off of the camera (1 phillips screw) and re-focus the camera for near distance focusing. The lens is held in place with a dab of hot melt glue. Luckily, you are going to unscrew (counter clockwise) the lens about 3/4 of a turn (CAREFULLY using a pliers to do so). I didn’t need to try anything to pull off the hot melt glue because it simply came loose while unscrewing the lens. Use a ruler to test your focus distance as you want it to focus well between 2″ and 8″ which is well within it’s autofocusing IF you take the time to focus it well.

Now, with the front still off of the camera, stick the camera through the Birdhouse Top and then re-attach the front to the camera. If you’re planning on painting the birdhouse, put a piece of blue painter’s tape over the lens leaving one end sticking way up so you can pull it out through the hole. Glue (I used hot melt glue) the top, bottom and hole in place.

Now you’re at the point where you want to make sure the camera is orientated the way you want it. Plug your camera in and check out placement (you see how I’ve got mine orientated in the 3rd pic. I have the hole facing down). Being a fussbudget, I made my camera orientated parallel to the front and back. Holding it there, put a few dabs of hot melt glue to keep it in place. After the hot melt glue cooled, I then put a ring of hot melt glue all the way around the camera/top.

If you’re going to paint it, push the plug into the hole. Paint. Remove plug. Remove painter’s tape.

I used PLA+ and have the house located under an eave of the house for shade and protection from the elements.

February 19, 2020 at 10:07PM
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