KingSong KS18L/XL housing reinforcement

KingSong KS18L/XL housing reinforcement
By pushido


I had some problems with cracks in the KingSong KS18L internal housing after one small crash – they appeared in the place, where it’s attached to the metal “legs”, which are connected to the motor.

To avoid replacing of the whole internal housing (and possible future cracks), I created small reinforcements. Print them with at least PETG/ABS – PLA will be too brittle. Parts ‘left’ and ‘right’ are for one side – if you need to use them for both, just print them 2 times (internal housing is the same for both sides).

Here is example workflow:

  • disassemble the external housing
  • unscrew the 6 screws (each side) which attach the housing to the metal “legs”
  • if the cracks are big, best would be to use the cheap 3D printing pen with PETG to fill the cracks
  • sand the whole surface
  • glue the reinforcements to the original plastic with some very strong glue – methacrylate would be perfect
  • wait a couple of hours
  • put all screws in place, do not tighten them too hard
  • rebuild the rest of the wheel
  • job done

If the holes are not in perfect alignment, you can use the drill to make them a little bit bigger. I’ve did it for 18L, but they should work perfectly for 18XL too, as both wheels use the same design.

Happy wheeling and be safe!

December 8, 2021 at 11:04AM
via Thingiverse – Newest Things


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