Two-part Mazda keyfob cover

Two-part Mazda keyfob cover
By andersje

The original TPU cover worked great for several years, but has been delaminating on me. Since the local shops are all out of TPU, and I’m impatient, I remixed it to work with regular PLA, and just screw together with m3 caphead screws. You’ll need 4 m3 caphead screws, at least 10mm long (even that is a touch tight–12mm might work better). Also, I recommend locknuts so they won’t rattle off in your pocket.

I’ve uploaded two (2) STLs, one which says “blue car” on the back, since my mazda3 is blue. And one that doesn’t have the text on it — since you may not have a blue mazda.

If the keyblade doesn’t snap open cleanly, try trimming some of the excess PLA from the piece opposite the release button — it was initially binding in my first print.

Tinkercad original at

December 8, 2021 at 02:33PM
via Thingiverse – Newest Things


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