Ender 3 Max. Meanwell PSU Tool holder/s (dual z screw users only)

Ender 3 Max. Meanwell PSU Tool holder/s (dual z screw users only)
By Diablo944

I fitted a dual z axis lead screw kit to my max. That means the Meanwell PSU has to move back away from the vertical extrusion. It seemed like the ideal spot to create a tool storage option.

Holds the usual tools that people often have hanging off the upper corner of printers (not an option for most of the dual screw club). small screwdriver, two (or 3) spanners, all the supplied allen keys/wrenches, scraper, snips.

These will ONLY fit a meanwell PSU that has been moved off the vertical extrusion. Anybody fitting a dual z axis lead screw kit will have relocated the PSU and likely be able to utilise these tool holders.

If thingiverse is still giving the 404 error when trying to download (caused by the server itself), then instead click on the thing files button instead and download them individually from there. It really is about time they fixed that issue.

There are two primary versions. The slim low profile version, and the fully enclosed version for the health and safety conscious people out there. Both have an additional recess in the top for resting things there that will not roll off, but remember not to put anything there larger than the channel itself as it may foul the z axis hardware as it passes.

I also threw in my PSU fan noise reducer (based on what I had seen others had done) with its own inbuilt hook for a pair of snips. I use the non hook version on my psu so know it prints and works well, but I have never printed the hook version. I see no reason it shouldn’t print just as well. Important:- When fitting the fan noise reducer, do it one screw at a time. Removing both will let the fan drop into the casing and you don’t want that. So undo one screw, put that screw in the print and screw it back in. rotate the print clear of the other screw. Undo the other screw. rotate the print into place. fit the second screw and tighten both up.

I use the slim version of the tool holder myself. Though my original test version (never shared) had a couple of extra ideas involved that in practice turned out to be ‘not worth the effort’ so I went back to the easier to print options for the release versions.

My own mount for the PSU relocation has the PSU around 3mm clear of any Z axis hardware conflicts with either of these fitted which is tighter clearance than most options I have seen elsewhere. The actual additional width/overhang being around 1.5mm. Similarly the overhang for tools on the side is 8.5mm in the direction of the bed. Again this falls clear of any print area so there are no clearance issues with tools and the beds build area on that side. The main reason for the tools being on that side and not the fan side was that I use the fan volume reducer/director. To get clear of that print would have made for an ungainly and ugly print.

I added some very small pins in the three rectangular channels of the deep version and one channel of the slim (I may have done all 3 but cannot remember now). These will stop anything you put in there sliding down too deep. But they were designed to snap off under any reasonable pressure. So if you want things to go deeper, just give whatever it is you have in the slot an extra push and the pins will break away (if they actually print as they are so small). The idea to add those pins was only initially for the deep version to give some extra use to the third (non spanner) slot.

The deep version keeps all tools from contacting any part of the PSU casing and is the one to go for if you worry about things like that.

My print lifted during printing so was less than perfectly formed, albeit still usable. Primarily it was a proof of concept and confirmation of correct fitting. It fits snug enough to need no extra assistance from things like double sided tape. I was fully prepared to add ‘one drop of glue’ if it had been too loose, but it fits my psu perfectly. That version is the one in the pictures on this page.

Printed in pla at 40 percent infill. Print upside down (Top face to the bed).

December 9, 2021 at 12:22AM
via Thingiverse – Newest Things https://ift.tt/3GtegKc


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