Ender 5 Core XY with Linear Rails MK3

Ender 5 Core XY with Linear Rails MK3
By BoothyBoothy

This is my third Core XY conversion kit for the Ender 5 with Linear rails.

As per the previous versions a big shout out to barnabyQ for his Ender 5 Pro 3D model over on Grabcad. This made things so much easier.

This version resumes some of the simplicity of the MK1 thing but adds rigidity and strength for those that want to push the Ender 5 with Klipper and the likes. The core of the design is a hybrid part aluminium, part 3D printed XY joiner. Using an inexpensive off the shelf Idler Mounting Plate part (with some small amount of fabrication) allows the joiner to be quite small but very robust.

I have also reintroduced a 2020 X gantry to beef up the rigidity and reduce any racking or movement of the assembly. This may add a slight amount of weight but will reduce some of the resonance and variation due to the belts not being parallel. The 2020 extrusion which is cross fixed with 2 x 25mm M5 bolts also acts as a stop to stop any compression of the assembly by the tension of the belts. Test are showing that this is making a really big difference when printing at speed with Klipper.

I have included a new belt tensioning system using Belt Tensioning Blocks which is much easier to assemble & install.

Like the MK1 version there is now a basic mounting block which allows more personalisation of the Hot End assembly.

I have also included Pre designed mounts for a Bowden set up and direct drive configurations using either a Sherpa Mini or an Orbiter Direct Drive. All versions have variations for either a Dragonfly or Dragon Hot End.

I have also re sited the Electronics Console to the rear of the frame which has revolutionised the overall wire management in one fell swoop. Thanks to killajoedotcom for the heads up on that idea, all credit to him for this realisation.

Various Test\progress Videos at the following links:





I have included Installation guides for the Motion System, Re siting the Electronics Enclosure, Pre Designed Hot End Assemblies and a general BOM with part references.

Step files for all parts are also published for personal customisation.


1.The majority of parts are printed without supports but where necessary I have included integrated supports & sacrificial layers to hopefully make this easier to implement. I have also uploaded step files of all the parts if you would prefer to print with your own custom supports. Please refer to the Installation guides for post printing part preparation.

2.Printed with Hatchbox Light Blue, Silver and Black ABS, the best ABS I have ever used, I just wish it was more readily available this side of the pond. Minimum 3 perimeters with 30% infill. Majority printed on my wonderful Voron 0 build.

December 8, 2021 at 11:13PM
via Thingiverse – Newest Things https://ift.tt/3EGEcBy


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