Koch Lamp 2

Koch Lamp 2
By kendel3d

This is another Koch Snowflake based lampshade design. It is about 6 inches (140mm) tall. It is made with clear PLA or PETG. It comes out frosted looking. Use only with LED lights so they don’t get too hot. This is the same design as my Koch Snowflake vase model, just scaled down and the bottom modified for the light socket to go through.

The model if manifold, so it has a top and the hole on the bottom also has a top 3mm into the bottom. It is printed with two print profiles. The first one is printed solid from 0-3mm with “0 top solid layers”. The second profile starts at 3mm and has “0 bottom solid layers” and “0 top solid layers”. The second one could also be done in “spiral vase” mode, or you can do multiple wall perimeters. I printed it with 1mm nozzle at 0.4mm layer in spiral vase mode.

December 8, 2021 at 11:20PM
via Thingiverse – Newest Things https://ift.tt/3pDrnld


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